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If there was one thing I could say to another parent or a talented child. I would say that this is a must. Call Mauryo! Call James! What they can do for you, will change your life! ~ Alisa Easley

If I were mentoring anybody or met anyone who wasn’t getting the recruitment opportunities that they deserved like I was. Then I would definitely recommend spotlightME.tv and Coach James Parker. That’s probably the only advice I would have. Because that’s really what helped me. And the only thing that’s gotten me where I am.~ Andie Easley


Anna Grone signs her athletic-academic scholarship agreement to Western New Mexico University

anna grone western new mexico university cropped


"It's more than just a game!" Mauryo

Gino Littles

Mauryo helped me out a lot throughout the years , he taught me a lot.  He helped me with this website called GinoLittles.com.  And that really helped me build a lot of my credibility.   I mean, a lot of coaches, not even in the basketball realm, would look at it when I was trying to get recruited to play basketball in college but he also helped me in being able to learn how to build a website and that’s how I started my clothing company.  And my clothing company is ConstitutionalClothingRKG.com

Gino Littles
CEO, Constitutional Clothing RKG
(602) 684-1213

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