Why ME?

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We build websites and produce media videos that get scholarships.

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Hello, my name is Maury Osbourne and I am the president and founder of spotlightME.tv.

And we created this video as a quick way for prospective clients to see what we are about.

In short, we build websites that highlight a student-athlete’s abilities so that they can share them with coaches anywhere and at any time.

For the most part, we handle everything for you because student athlete recruiting sites are our specialty.

Essentially, we expedite the athletic recruiting process by putting all of the information that a coach would need under your own domain.

We handcraft highlight videos with the specific end-user, the college coaches, in mind. So when you watch a highlight that we have produced, there will not be any fluff. We pull out specific skills that a coach would want to see and spotlight them.

SpotlightMe.tv’s mission is to Spotlight whatever it is that you are good at. Whether it be sports, music, or maybe you choose a career in politics, or launch a real estate business. We can help.

It is our job as your trusted website developers to understand your needs and keep on top of trending developments so that you can get the best use out of your website and to minimize your expense.

Having a website that spotlights your abilities helps you in many ways.

Here is coach James Parker with his take on why having a student athlete recruiting site can be a great benefit to you, your family, and to the coaches.

It consolidates all the information that you may need to present to a coach on one domain. You may have information spread across the net in many different areas. So take all the relevant information and place it on your site. This will save the coaches time because academic institutions are already going to google your name anyways before they decide of taking a chance at giving you an academic or athletic scholarship.

It expedites the time it takes you to reach coaches. You can contact a coach to express an interest and direct them straight to your website. If you have any new information to add to your credentials, it is easy to add it to your own website.

By having your own domain, you decide what it is that you would like to present to the coaches. You have a chance to put your best foot forward. If you have the coaches attention, you will want to present your information to them without any other distractions like pop ads or another listing of other players which is a common database practice.

We will furnish your website with content and images that are engaging and represent what you are about. If you are a volunteer at your school or a local charity we will add that information to your site. We will add references for coaches to contact. We will help you organize your information so that when you have the coaches attention you can capitalize on that precious time. You may only have one shot so lets make sure that you are well lit in the spotlight.

I welcome you to peruse our client gallery to see some of the websites we have created. Generally our prospective clients will note which websites they prefer in the gallery and we have a starting point to build something great together.

We welcome you to contact us directly and we can discuss your specific needs. We do not have any sales people, we only have good customer service. We look forward to speaking with you and please do not send text messages while driving.