JuniorHoops Partnership

Phoenix, AZ – SARS,

the up and coming leader in the revolutionary student athlete recruiting sites industry, announced today it’s partnership with Junior Hoops of America. Junior Hoops of America and SARS have teamed up to enhance the exposure experience for their clients.
At SARS we are very excited with this new business relationship. Junior Hoops unique approach to uniting the basketball and athletic communities in different cities and states is on the cutting edge. With SARS’s media capabilities and Junior Hoops reaching across the country, both businesses are well on their way to helping shape the lives of student athletes across the country.

About Student Athlete Recruiting Sites¬†Founded in 2011, SARS is a full service student/athlete website development program. They aim to help parents and student athlete’s organize their college recruiting materials. The student websites will contain all the necessary material a recruiter may be interested in eg., highlight videos, school transcripts, and media materials.

Super M@uryo Osbourne, 602-703-2638.
Al Harris III, 602-358-3048.
Kirk Palmer, 954-801-4266.

About Junior Hoops
Junior Hoops of America is a national, leading youth basketball social media news content and digital services platform. Through our digital community platform we create and highlight programs, promote players & events and partner with local organizations that develop student-athletes into competitive basketball players.

Coach Jose Morales, 480-232-8572


JuniorHoops Partnership