Employment Opportunities

We are actively seeking to fill the following work-from-home positions.

These are all paid positions.

Interns, students, stay-at-home parents, and professionals are welcome to contact us regarding any of these positions.

Videographer – Responsible for filming games.  Must be able to travel to games within a particular school district.  If you are covering Desert Mountain games, you must be able to travel to the schools that Desert Mountain will compete against.  We will provide the camera and tripod.


Will train videographers how to operate a camera and tripod.

Photographers – Responsible for taking photos of events.  Also responsible for organizing and photographing student-athletes.  Example: www.JonathanWStevens.com/

Website Managers – Responsible for maintaining student-athlete websites.  Clients   Must have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Video Editors – Responsible for creating highlight clips and adding motion graphics.  Example. BertoReyes

Video Film Reviewers – Responsible for analyzing games and annotating relevant clips which will then be utilized to create highlight clips.  Example. BertoReyes

To express an interest in any of the above positions please send a letter of interest to the attention of Super M@uryo.  mauryo@spotlightME.tv

you may also send a brief inquiry utilizing the form below.


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