Getting Started

Good evening Ms. Box,

Please read through everything first before you begin clicking on the links.

I’ve begun working on your website

If there is ever anything on the website that you want changed or that you can’t live without, please let me know in an email or text message. If you can think of anything else that I may need to include on the website please let me know. As an example, I had a coach recommend that I place a profile picture in the sidebar. Since then I have created a profile picture and placed that image on the sidebar of the student-athletes websites… See Tilasha’s Website HERE for an example of what I mean.

Picking your theme.  COMPLETED

Please keep in mind that websites are dynamic, will work diligently to ensure that the website matches your expectations.

We are on our way. Pick a theme for your site. Let me know the name of your choice. via text (602)703.2638 or email

For example. The name of the theme below is “Twenty Fifteen”.  Do not attempt to download the theme files.

GO HERE! to make your selection.


Please take a few moments to fill out and submit the following forms:

  • COMPLETED Student Athlete Questionnaire.
  • Clubs and Camps – I also need a list of clubs and camps that you have attended. For instance – the PGC camp. I need a month and year format. It should look like so.
    Point Guard College – Los Angeles, CA – February 2015
    Other Camp – January 2015
    etc.*****It is ok to send the list of clubs and camps in a regular email.*****
  • I also need a copy of the HS transcripts, SAT/ACT scores. You can email them as a jpg or pdf.
  • I also need 10 general photos or head shots. Example HERE! (please do not send images that are intentionally watermarked such as a maxpreps photo.)
  • I also need 3 references: include their names, positions, telephone numbers, and email addresses. See an Example HERE! You can also have your references write a letter on her behalf. If someone needs assistance on how to write the letter you can ask them to give me a call.
  • I will also need DJ to write a Biography about himself. Here is a tutorial to help her get started in the right direction. How to Write a Biography!
  • Let me know what information you would like to appear on the contact page.
  • I will need your NCAA eligibility number
  • I’ll need a copy of the school schedule or the club team schedule.

I will consistently follow-up to get the information that I need to make sure that the website is in order.

If you need a hand with anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Life is good!



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