SpotlightMe utilizes music tracks from independent artist and are always adding music to our library.  We either own the copyright to our music or we have acquired the appropriate licenses to utilize music within our highlight compositions.  We have composers onboard and if there is a specific song that you like, we can compose a song with a similar rhythm to suit your tastes.

*We do not utilize music from artist without first obtaining the appropriate clearances.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”bang-out.mp3, banger-X-ext-horns-maurio-ver.mp3, clear-revelations.mp3, courtside.mp3, dr.-hoovey-II-maurio-ver.mp3, fan-base.mp3, GOLD-II-maurio-ver.mp3, goodbye-maurio-ver.mp3, i-like-it-that-way-final-maurio-ver.mp3, long-sets.mp3, next-level-2.mp3,nothing-but-net.mp3, on-the-grind.mp3, revived.mp3, take-me-back.mp3, the-winners-circle.mp3, Dylan-Garner-Die-standing.mp3, Dylan-Garner-Take-it-all-the-Way.mp3, G-Rated-21-revised.mp3, 2-minutes-down-south.mp3″ width=”75%” height=”100px” mods=”y” vol=”80″ pos=”left” list=”y”]