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This page will give you some shortcuts to information that is relevant to you while you are pursuing your academic-athletic scholarships.

If you are considering for the first time, welcome.  If you are already in the Spotlight, welcome back.  You will find links to very useful tools that every student wishes was in one location.  We are always looking for recommendations as to what kind of information is relevant to student-athlete’s.  If you would like to make a recommendation or request additional information please do not hesitate to use our contact form or send your request to

Additional information is made available only to student-athletes in the Spotlight.  If you would like to be in the spotlight you can start here.

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How to write about ME!  How to easily write a biography

How to write a letter of recommendation


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Reality Check  How concussions can affect your academic performance as well as your athletic performance

by Keaton Harris


Former Redskins receiver Antwaan Randle El Regrets Playing Football
January 19: The Washington Post

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Coaches recognize competitiveness in players who play multiple sports



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39% of Admissions officers Google a Student to find out what kind of information is on the internet.  They then use this information to help determine a students admission status.  You may want to read this article, then turn off your social network until after college.  Colleges are Googling You!

Just in case you didn’t want to listen the first time.

Penn State Ol Coach Herb hand drops recruit over social media actions.

Tempe WR Quntion Garrett opens up about dismissal

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Why did your highlight video get deleted from YouTube?